The making of Princess Luxy!

The making of Princess Luxy!

It's about time I give you more insight into the making of Princess Luxy!

To start off, my name is Shantae, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I'm a 27-year-old mom to my fabulous daughter and mini CEO, Luxy. I started this online-based Canadian children's clothing store in June 2019.

This is probably the cutest and most recent picture I have of Luxy and I, so spare me for now lol.

Here's how it all started...

As a teenager, around 16, I just loved babies! It was at that time, I just knew I was meant to be a mother and was so excited to fulfill that dream! My dream was to be a stay at home mother right after college, become a fashion designer and homemaker. As I started my first year in college, I applied for a job, and I was thrilled when I was hired as a sales associate for Gymboree. After a few months in my position, mothers would request for more stylish clothing options for their children. The store location I worked at had some great pieces, but it would be sporadic. There was also just a lack of the cutest children's merchandise in the Greater Toronto Area overall, or I did not hear about many other stores. So, I decided that I would love to create a children's store to fill those gaps, even if it was for a small audience.

In April of 2019, I started putting my business together, and launched in June! Now we're here in 2020, and I'm a bit over a year into my business.

Photo of the inventory I started out with. I ended up restocking a few of these pieces during 1 year in business.  

The goal for Princess Luxy is to have a store where fashionable women like you, can come and find lux and stylish pieces for that special little girl in your life. I want these pieces to create a standout look for you little one, all while looking classy. When your daughter looks back at her photos 30 years later, she will be like, "Yasss mom! You put me in the cutest outfits!" Besides, who doesn't like to see nicely dressed kids walk into a store or party?! Seeing cute and fabulously dressed kids makes me happy and many others, and most times, sparks up a conversation! Who knows who you will meet and if anything, isn't it so fun to dress up your baby girl?!

Moving on to more about Princess Luxy. Above is an example of before and after photos of our British Party Tartan Dress. I was originally going to launch with a pink background, but then I did a white background. After several changes over the months, I came to the after photo. It was definitely a step up, and product photos are so important! This is where I have to describe the photo to the best of my ability, so when you receive the product, it's what you've asked for. I have learned so much while running this business, and everything just keeps getting better and better! 

Here is hoping that I will have a lot of improvement on my website when it comes to product shots. This is what some of my product photos look like now with an iPhone 8 and natural lighting!

Princess Luxy is constantly being refined to give you the best experience, and the entire process is exciting! Our brand is turning towards more neutral clothing pieces, including girl's dresses, skirts, and sweaters along with girls accessories to mix and match and create classy looks. The same rule will apply to Mommy and Me pieces for women. You will love it! 

I hope you've enjoyed this brief piece on how Princess Luxy was born! I love to hear from you! Send me your feedback on how I can improve or what you like about our store.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this! Have a great day, night, or whatever time it is that you're reading this!!





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You ladies are always so supportive! We’re grateful! 🙏 Thanks again for your comment! 💞

Princess Luxy

Loved this blog post!!!! So happy to see how far you’ve come and grown as an amazing company for toddler & mommy and me fashion!! :) Can’t wait time see more of your amazing posts!! Looking forward! – Much love, Kara and Mama xo

Kara and Family

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