Serve Up Fun with Tennis Barbie in Our Princess Swimsuit!

Serve Up Fun with Tennis Barbie in Our Princess Swimsuit!

Get ready to infuse your child's summer with fashionable flair and endless playfulness in our tennis Barbie inspired look!

The Princess Swimsuit: A Sporty Experience

Our Pink or Black Princess Swimsuit is a fabulous combination of glamour and playfulness, made for little fashionistas with an adventurous spirit. This swimsuit will make your child feel like a true tennis Barbie, ready to conquer the world with a racket in hand.

Style without Compromise

Crafted from premium, ultra-soft materials, this one-piece swimsuit ensures both fashion and comfort for your child's exciting escapades.

Elevate Every Occasion

Versatile and chic, our swimsuit adds a touch of glamour to every moment, whether it's tennis fun or poolside glamour. Elevate the swimsuit with a sporty white visor, cute tennis accordion skirt, and white velcro sneakers. Don't forget her adorned sunnies! See our most popular ones here

kids "princess" swimsuit styled look. Features white tennis skirt, visor and velcro sneakers

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Confidence Empowered

More than just an outfit, the Princess Swimsuit boosts your little girl's confidence and sparks her imagination.

At Princess Luxy, the Princess Swimsuit lets your child shine as the fashion icon she was born to be. Embrace stylish adventures this summer with our stylish girls swimsuit!

Barbie Role Models Naomi Osaka Doll, Posable, With Tennis Outfit & Racket

Photo source: Mattel

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