Princess Luxy’s Two Year Anniversary!

Princess Luxy’s Two Year Anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years in business! As many of you know, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary of Princess Luxy on June 6th. It’s been a long and short road so far, with many obstacles and learning opportunities, but I’m grateful for all of it. Who would have thought running an online children’s clothing store would be so difficult?! 

Princess Luxy Online Children's Store Canada 2nd Year Anniversary

I’ve taken what I learned, and I’m slowly trying to implement it to better our business, and in return, it will also give you an even better experience when you visit us. Within the past year, we’ve changed our hangtags, packaging, marketing and I’ve even come on IG live a little bit more than the year before! 

Princess Luxy Online Children's Store Canada Hangtags and Clothing Labels

We've went from 1-2 boxes in 2019 to at least 4x the amount of inventory within the past year, and nearing 200 orders – which is exciting for me. I have invested thousands on business courses that haven’t been much help, but I was still able to take a few gems from them. I could have been angry about it, but I chose to acknowledge that every dollar that I spend investing in myself, is an investment in Princess Luxy, and that will help us to progress further and better. Staying consistent, having a plan and providing value are 3 big components that I’ve learned from the course, and in general with business.  

Princess Luxy Online Children's Store Inventory Growth 2020 Canadian Small Black Business

In the past few months, I haven’t been online much, but it’s because I just need more of a mental break, and to create a refined vision. You will see us back in full force for the Fall/Winter season and onwards. I want to revamp this brand to reflect classic fashion and stylish looks in neutral colours and tones. I want your little ones to be able to mix and match pieces from our shop to create stylish looks, and to have a solid collection to wear. Many of you have reached out for us to do business to business collaborations, and I hope to resume that once we get the brand in better shape.  

I’m so excited to keep working on this brand, and we would be nothing without our customers, followers, friends and family! You’ve shown us photos of your cutest looks, left us reviews on our website, messaged us showing us love, and more. Thank you so very much for support. I promise to continue to make moves with you and your girls in mind, so you still get the best experience ever!  

Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts to connect with us. I love hearing from you!  


Shantae and Luxy at Princess Luxy 

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