2020 Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls | Princess Luxy

2020 Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls | Princess Luxy

Halloween won't be the same this year, so I've decided to take some time out to create some cute looks. We all can create these for our toddlers and girls from home, so we still have amazing photos for memories!

The best part of this is, most of the pieces can be used after in our everyday outfits, and not just for Halloween! I'm big on maximizing anything that I have around me, to make the best out of any situation. 

Your girls are going to look fabulous and there's a look in there for you too! Each photo states what the item is and where to get them, but they are just ideas. Feel free to improvise.

girls witch look

Dress available here.

Create a witch look for toddler girls and little girls with a black dress, a simple broom from either Amazon or maybe even your local dollar store. The dollar store may have hats too, but you can easily access one on Amazon, and they always have great shipping prices. Adding a Halloween candy bucket will also complete this look, and leave your little girl feeling happy for the festivities! Snap a photo of her walking in the Fall leaves and have amazing photos forever!



Teddy Princess Jacket for toddler girls and little girls

Jacket available here.

I think the cutest little polar bear look can be created with a white fur jacket or sweater, paired with a pom pom headband or hat and some face paint. For the headband, you can buy a headband at the craft store and add jumbo pom pom's, or they may even already sell white ears! If she doesn't like headbands, try white jumbo hair bows! The face paint can be used to create a black nose or even to paint her face white., This can be a fun activity for her by letting her paint her face in the mirror and glue on pom pom's for the headband! 



Halloween look for mommy and me
Masks available here.

Looking for a cute mommy and me Halloween costume idea? Try out our Chic Leopard Print Masks for adults and children! Get an all black look by buying a bodysuit/catsuit or even by wearing a black top and bottom. You can buy a leopard kit from Ardene, or by searching on Google. Again, the craft/dollar store is always a fabulous option! 

I hope you've enjoyed these looks, and I hope they've sparked some ideas for you! If you use any of these ideas, tag us on social media!! We would love to see them! 

Have a great and safe Halloween!

Shantaè of Princess Luxy


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So happy you’re enjoying the new looks Kara and Family! 💞

Princess Luxy

Love these amazing Halloween ideas !!! 🥰😍 super cute and easy to recreate!! Thank you for all the Halloween inspo!! :)

Kara and Family

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